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Red Square and State Historical Museum Private Historical Tour in Moscow

| 3 hours
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Duration: 3 hours
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Step back in time on a history tour
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This ultimate private tour devoted to Russian history and culture will tell you all you need to know about Russia and its past.
Your friendly local guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and the historic adventure begins! All road lead to Red Square. On the way you will see some attractions from outside and learn fun facts about them: Bolshoi Theater, Kitay Gorod ancient wall, GUM, St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Kazan Cathedral, Hotel National, Alexander Garden.

Pass by the Iberian Gate and Chapel and throw your ruble at the Zero Kilometer to make sure you come again one day. 

Visit the State Historical Museum for ancient antiques, and to learn Hunger Games Russian way. Sneak a peak at the relics of prehistoric tribes that occupied the territory of Russia a thousand years ago. Learn a lot of amazing stories about the Russian history, its famous leaders, what Russian local life looked like in middle ages and lots more!


10.00 Meeting in hotel lobby. Brief observation tour of Red Square, Manege Square, Revolution Square to give you an idea what is around. 

10.30 Dive into the Stone Age collection of the State Historical Museum and learn about life style of the ancient people, find the most ancient item which is 5000 years old! Bronze Age is waiting for you in the next rooms. Get an idea of what the ancient burial place looked like. Russian Stonehenge is 4 thousand years old.

11.00 Step back into the Medieval Russia and see the most ancient book which dates back to 1073. Find out what basic values of life the book teaches us.

11.30 Find yourself inside the bigger copy of the famous Monomakh's Cap! Each of the room in this part of the Museum is decorated like an ancient Russian principality. You'll see detailed handmade maps and learn about ancient ways of trade industry.

12.00 Unique globe "Blau" dating back to the end of the 17th century will make you feel the salty breeze as if you are with your comrade Peter I in the Navy School

12.30 Second floor of the Museum gives a wonderful perspective on the Imperial Russia. Discover the beautiful époque of Catherine the Great and Alexander I: balls, etiquette and trophies from the Patriotic War - the war over Napoleon: mobile church, field samovar and keys from European cities

13.00 End up your adventure throughout the history of Russia with items dating back to the reigns of Alexander II and Alexander III, and see the family tree on the ceiling. Noble emperor died because of an assault, and his last uniform is kept in the collection. Learn about radical changes that happened to the museum during the Soviet period.

Your guide will leave you at Red Square where you can grab a coffee in one of the cosy cafes and enjoy the iconic views of Red Square and Kremlin towers.

All taxes 
Private guide 
Entrance to State Historical Museum
Meeting in hotel lobby 
Multiple start times available 
Flexible itinerary 
In-depth narration
Advice where to go and what to do after the tour
Gratuities (optional)
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Your guide will meet you at your centrally located hotel in Moscow
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