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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Walking Tour

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| 6 hours


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Duration: 6 hours
While the Nazis were hosting the 1936 Olympic games, slave laborers were being forced to build a huge concentration camp just north of Berlin, intended to hold political 'enemies' of the Nazi regime political, racial and 'asocial'. Of the 200,000 people interned, more than 50,000 lost their lives before the camp was liberated by the Soviets in 1945.

The camp was then used by the Soviets until 1950 to detain former Nazis, German soldiers and political opponents of the communists. Many thousands more died from malnutrition and disease.

The key to this walking tour is the informative and illuminating narrative provided by your expert tour guide. During your 3-hour visit to the camp, you'll learn important background history of the site as you walk through the Appellplatz parade ground, the Jewish Barrack, punishment cells, execution grounds and crematorium, Station Z, the Pathology Laboratory and camp hospital.

This tour was researched by historian Gabriel Fawcett, who is publishing an important witness account of the camp. All tour guides have their own special insights into the history of Sachsenhausen, and are experienced in unraveling the complex history of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.
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Berlin Transport ABC Zone ticket (approx 3.30 Euros each way) that is available from your guide on the day


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Neue Promenade 3, 10178 Berlin, Germany


Feb 2020

Caesar was an amazing guide. The day we went was so cold and wet but not once did any of our group ccomplain as it only helped to bring a small insight of what the poor men must have endured whilst there. A very thought provoking place and well worth a visit.
Could recommend enough. Thank you Caesar sorry the review is late.

Jan 2020

WOW! What an informative moving tour. He was able to give us so much history behind the Saschsenhausen Camp and explain in depth what went on there. Such a sad horrific part of our history.

Jan 2020

This tour was excellent and so was our guide Gregor. He really helped us understand the atrocities that went on at Sachsenhausen. It was an extremely cold on the day we visited and it made us realise how it must have been for the thousands of prisoners that were held there. Gregor was happy to answer questions and gave us a full understanding of the terrible things that happened in the camp I was an eye opening experience.

Jan 2020

It is a long day but well worth it. We received a huge amount of information and it is something that you should visit. Our guide was Heidi and she did a wonderful job.

Jan 2020

We learnt so much on this tour. Our guide was very informative. Brilliant day and well worth the visit.......

Nov 2019

A very worthwhile experience with a well informed and passionate guide. This really is an essential tour to do whilst in Berlin in order to gain an understanding and perspective of what happened during the National Socialist era.

Nov 2019

The tour was very informative - the guide was expremely good and added to value to the experience. It was important to understand the impact of human behaviour on society and hope it is never repeated. I think everyone should part-take in a tour such as this to appreciate how lucky we are.

Nov 2019

Our tour guide was "Voutor" (like 'Walter') was a very friendly guy. He sounded so passionate when he talks about the history of the camp. He was very informative and summarized what happened at this location and this building, etc. so he could give us some time to explore the museum. He must've felt a little awkward that not a lot of us asked questions but,again, that was because he explained everything in details, and that's great! At the end of the tour, Walter was polite enough to thank everyone for joining him..... and then a loud explosion shot out from about a few miles away from us, which we later found out it was an old WW2 bomb that the police/military probably dug up and detonate it. Walter joked, "Well.... I guess our tour ended with a bang." I've always wanted to go and visit one of these camps to see how it is and I am very glad that I chose this tour and got Walter as my guide. I would definitely love to have him as our guide again.

Jan 2020

Enjoyed the tour overall. Very informative and lots of information to take in. It’s also LOTS of walking, so be prepared. Also, bring snacks. There is no break for snacks or water for 3.5 to 4 hrs. Guide was knowledgeable but I wasn’t overwhelmed. Definitely recommend visiting.

Oct 2019

Although I expected more was left of the concentration camp, it was worth it. It was educational and poignant at the same time. Our guide Heidi was well prepared, competent and emotionally engaged in the right way. Thanks, Heidi.

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