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Kolomenskoye Estate: The out-of-town life of Russian Tsar Families

| 2 to 4 hrs


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Duration: 2 to 4 hrs

The guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel and you follow to Kolomenskoye Estate - the out-of-town residence of Russian royal families.

 At first, you will learn the history of the village Kolomenskoye that was first mentioned in 14th century and will know how the village turned into the museum-reserve with a total area of 255 hectares. Then the guide will show you the complex of historic buildings The Tsar's Courtyard. There you will know where the food for royal family was cooked and the wine was kept and where the guards lived to protect the royal residence. You will see two gates of the Tsar's Courtyard: the Front and Back Gates and will know what kind of gates the Tsar could use only and what gates you can use now and why.

The guide will show you the place where the unique wooden Tsar's palace was located. The Palace seemed to be the 8th wonder of the world in 17th century!

When you pass through the Front Gates, you will see the splendid panoramic view of the Moscow-river and you will find one of the most famous symbols of Kolomenskoye - The Church of Ascension (UNESCO object) of 16th century that was built by Moscow Grand Prince in honor of his son's (Ivan the Terrible) birthday.

After that, the guide will show you Peter the First's little wooden house and you can imagine there how the emperor, who made so many important reforms for our country, looked like.

Then the guide will tell you about Golosov Ravine, the natural site in Kolomenskoye, that is famous for its legends and mysteries. People disappeared here and time goes so slow!

And finally, in the end of your tour you will see the copy of Tsar Palace that was rebuilt on the base of Catherine the Great's drawings in 18th century. After that, your tour will finish and our guide will be happy to answer all your questions and give some recommendations what to do in Moscow!

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