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Amazing Tour to Mosquarium Space Museum of Cosmonautics and VDKH in Moscow Russia

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Moskvarium is not only the largest aquarium in Europe with bright and unforgettable representations of marine artists, but also a place where you and your children can learn a lot of new and informative, having gone on an exciting journey.

Now, anyone who wants has the opportunity to be at arm's length from rare and amazing inhabitants of the underwater world from different geographical areas (from the Sea of Okhotsk to Oceania), swim with dolphins in spacious pools under the supervision of experienced coaches, and see grandiose day and evening shows with participation Killer whales, beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins and other mammals.

Space Museum of Cosmonautics
It is the only museum in Moscow that collects, keeps and popularizes material relics of space exploration history. Its exposition gives a retrospect on how Soviet space science evolved starting from first man-made satellites subsequently followed by the first manned space flight, first space walks, Moon exploration programs, Solar system exploration programs and international space research programs.

The displays trace the history of space exploration, including the first interplanetary satellite flights, the first dogs in space and man's journeys to the cosmos. There's plenty of fun gadgetry, plus an excellently conceived display explaining how astronauts survive a space flight, all of which should be interesting for children.

Apart from anything else, the shear aesthetic beauty of the displays should impress. The other-wordly sheen of the hi-tech materials used to construct space craft is extraordinary when seen close-up and, combined with a host of cosmos-themed artwork, the exhibition is a compelling reminder of the time when space exploration was still viewed unequivocally as mankind's last great adventure.

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