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Communist Moscow: Evening Walking Tour

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Duration: 2 hours
Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city
Get inside tips from a local
Small-group tour
Meet your guide at the Solovetsky Stone, a memorial situated in the center of Lubyanka Square, where you begin your small-group tour of Soviet-era Moscow.

Hear about the history behind the monument, a simple boulder erected in 1990 as a memorial to the victims of political repression. The actual stone was taken from Solovki, one of the Gulag’s many forced labor camps used for political repression during the Stalinist era.

Your guide will also point out the former headquarters of the KGB, located in an impressive building on Lubyanka Square. Completed in 1898 by Aleksandr Ivanov, the monument currently holds the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), the main successor to the KGB.

From here, walk to Revolution Square, the epicenter of the 1917 Great Socialist Revolution, and learn about many other aspects of historical importance such as Stalin’s terror, secret KGB prisons, the Cold War and the Soviet Movement for Freedom, as well as current Soviet strongholds in the young democratic nation.

Be on the lookout for significant landmarks in the city center such as the Bolshoi Theater, the Museum of Revolution and the Gulag Museum, which documents the labor camps where 14 million prisoners were sent between 1929-1953. Stroll down Moscow’s main avenue, Tverskaya Street; pass Sluzhebny Vhod, a Soviet style-café; and see Eliseevsky Gastronum, the most important grocery store of the USSR. Your tour ends at the Pushkinskaya Square.
English-speaking local guide
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Meeting point
Lubyanskaya Square


Jun 2018

Irina is very passionate about her country and it was really lovely to see that and hear all about the history. this tour is definitely worth attending.

May 2018

I loved this tour! Our guide Marina was extremely personable and was able to share some interesting anecdotes about living in soviet russia. The tour was very informative and wasn't too taxing, the walking helped us stay warm in sub-zero Moscow. One of the most fascinating stories was how the government modernised the city centre in the 30s without destroying any buildings - they cut their foundations and moved whole buildings on rails, with the people still inside, to allow the creation of the wide boulevards and roads in the city today. If you're curious about early soviet history, I'd definitely recommend this tour.

Nov 2017

A really cool tour, learned a lot about this history of this beautiful city

Oct 2017

The guide Ana was fantastic, really good English, very interesting information, very open for all questions, not rushed at all and besides the standard places also very interesting spots which you can not find yourselves!

Sep 2017

We started out across the street from the building that was the KGB headquarters in Soviet times. Our tour guide had excellent English and a strong passion for the subject matter. She showed us a building that was being renovated and was the place where 40,000 Russians were sentenced to death. She pointed out details about the different views of Soviet times among Russians. She recommended that we go to the Museum of Contemporary History we went there the next day that was helped to complete the overview of this subject matter.

Apr 2017

GREAT!! A wonderful experience trying to understand the communism in Russia with a clever and informative guide. I highly recommend

Nov 2016

Excellent tour! I love history and I grew up in America during the 80s during the waning days of Communism, so this interested me from a personal historical standpoint. Our guide took us around Red Square and the area and discussed the uprising that brought down Russia's last tsar and ushered in Communism, Lenin and his views of Communism that were never quite realized and Stalin's terror that cost millions of lives. She pointed our several buildings that were central to Russia's Communist government, some still in existence in a government capacity, some now converted to other uses. This tour didn't bang the drum for Communism nor did it demonize it completely impartial. Just make sure you dress warmly for the winter because it's a night tour that takes place mostly outside!

Nov 2016

Tour guide was knowledgeable and engaging. She shared personal anecdotes and tied it to the way things are today and the differences. I learned a lot and the time flew on this tour. It also pointed out things I never would have seen or known had I not taken this tour. A must do tour!

Apr 2018

This tour starts across the KGB building and then you would walk across Moscow to find some other tourist attraction. Guide would give the history of some places where the tour went to and it was very interesting--from the history of KGB, to moving buildings for bigger streets, and to propaganda posters inside a library. Would be nicer if the weather would also cooperate. The tour is 2-hour long so it would be best if you used the toilet before beginning the tour. During our tour, it was really cold and the tour needed to stop at a cafe just so everyone could get a bathroom break. LOL

Sep 2017

This tour was really good and I just loved our guides. They were adorable, engaging, sincere and funny! I really would have loved to just have lunch with them and talk about life in Russia etc. They were inviting and personable. You could see their love for Moscow and Russia and their true desire to share their country with you. I enjoyed hearing stories about their families and how communism affected them. They also pointed nice restaurants and markets along the way we tried one of each and they were great!. The only critique is that some of the stops were not really about communism. We really enjoyed the tour and company but don't expect that all stops will be about communism only.

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