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Back in the USSR Small Group Tour

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Duration: 2 hours
Back in the USSR covers the history of Russian Revolution and life in Soviet Moscow in a 2-hour walk through the city centre. The local guide meets you at Theatre Square in front of the main building of the Bolshoi Theatre. You will discover that this majestic temple of theatrical arts played an important role in the Russian Revolution. The reasons of the revolution, the details of the political struggle and the rise of the Communist party to power will become clear to you as you follow the steps of the uprising in Moscow.
You will see the HQ of the powerfull political police KBG, where the dreams of the better world and brotherhood crushed, and the guide will tell you about the political repression in the USSR and Stain's purges. Stalin's personality cult is an important trait of that era, and even though the country was "destalinized" after the death of the dictator, you still can see it in the city's architecture. The guide will also tell you about Stalin's attempted assasinations. Then the tour will bring you to the Red Square, where the victory parades and May demonstrations were held. The importance of the Red Square as the centre of the communist propaganda and ideology is beyond any doubt.
The Second World War also left memories about itself in the city: on the tour you will see the monument to the field marshall Zhukov, the commander of the Red Army, and the granite that was brought to Moscow by the order of Hitler. Together we will explore the central street of Moscow, Tverskaya, and learn about its reconstruction in the Soviet times. 
The tour finishes at a symbolic place, the first capatalist intrusion in the capital of communism.
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In front of the Bolshoi Theatre
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