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Say privet to local clothing design from Moscow and all over Russia

| 3 hours


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Category: Shopping
Duration: 3 hours
Hello! My name is Arina, I've worked in design for about 3 years and know everything about local Russian designers and hidden gems in Moscow, where you can find the most interesting clothes!  I was born in Moscow and live in the historical centre my whole life, so I know the history of the city pretty well. I am from the artistic circles, most of my friends are designers, architects, artists and musicians.  Why am I here? Well, I have a lot of friends from other countries and when I come visit them, they always show me the city with such enthusiasm that I decided that I can do the same with Moscow. I really love it and I want other people to see the real city, not only the main attractions. 

If you are into design, into shopping - this tour is the best option for you to find really authentic clothes and avoid mass-market. You will be told the history of modern design in Russia. You will also meet one of young local Russian designers (today you can drink coffee with him, tomorrow his collection could be in Paris runway..) 

You will have enough time to try on clothes or make lots of funny photos! 

You will visit 4-5 shops with local designers, 2-3 vintage shops, and have a conversation with one of Russian designers with a cup of coffee 
a cup of coffee
10% discount in some shops
memory photos
good mood!
transport costs, it would be better if you have a metro ticket in advance!


Meeting point
Krasnoselskaya metro station, in the middle of the platform hall
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