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City Blind Walk

| 2 hours


At a glance
Category: Tours
Duration: 2 hours
Trip in the dark is a city tour with your eyes closed (by wearing a special mask). During this tour you will immerse into the other side of the world, filled with sounds, smells, tactile sensations and other new unforgettable impressions! The route goes through the streets of the Yekaterinburg city. You will have an opportunity to use public transportation, ride a subway and have a lunch in a Russian style cafe. Everything will be happening in a complete darkness.

Trip in the dark is an unforgettable journey into non standart perceprtion of the world!

What will you see:
  • Library for blind people (Acquaintance with special tools (books, activities, games for blind people)) (available on working hours, mon-sat)
  • Excursion on the central streets of the city - Orienteering master-class: learn orienteering techniques, how to navigate in the city in complete darkness, stories about blind people travel in the world - Acquaintance with modern technologies for blind users (speaking phone, currency identifier, navigator for blind people)
  • Public transportation ride (subway) - Dinner in complete darkness in a Russian style café (there is an option for vegetarian people as well)
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Meeting point
The exact address is:

Chkalovskaya subway station (or we will pick you up at your accommodation if you let us know in advance)

I will meet you near to the entrance of the subway station
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