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Banya experience AND Sergiyev Posad monastery onboard a classic soviet van

| 8 hours


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Duration: 8 hours
What's a banya?

A banya is a traditional Russian spa, similar to a sauna, but with extreme temperatures of up to 120°C. For 1000 years, Russians have entertained the tradition of going to the banya with friends and family. In this relaxed and warm atmosphere people sweat, apply mud or honey masks, get massaged and slap themselves with bath brooms called “veniki”. It might sound intense, but it’s actually very relaxing. Just after a sweating session, Russians would dive in the snow or in a cold pool to cool down. Do you dare?

Traditional food, tea and beers are usually part of the experience, together with side activities and games.

All in all, going to the banya is a privileged moment of peace, quiet and relaxation that leaves you on a little cloud.

A must if you come to visit Russia!

First stop – Sergiyev Posad

We will pick you up at the meeting point (VDNH metro station) at 11am and welcome you, with snacks and drinks, in our classic Soviet van heading to Sergiyev Posad. Sergiyev Posad is a small city about an hour away from Moscow on the golden ring, world famous for its monastery – the Trinity Lavra of Saint Sergius. This monastery from the 15th century is recognized as one of the greatest and largest in Russia.

On our way to the banya, we will take a break at the monastery for an hour.

Second stop – the banya

Ten minutes outside of Sergiyev Posad is our main destination – a typical wooden banya on a lake. There, we will guide you through a 3-hour banya session, with Russian massage, traditional food*, tea and drinks as locals have it. You can swim in the lake during the warm season or break the ice for a quick dive during the cold one, if you dare…

Our 2-in-1 banya tour is all-inclusive to give you the most relaxed experience. You only need your swimsuit and we’ll take care of all the rest!



Pick up at meeting point
Transport in our classic Soviet van
Welcome snack and drink
Visit of Sergiyev Posad monastery
3-hour banya session
Russian massage
Traditional 3-course meal
Drinks and tea
Drop off
Because of bad traffic in Moscow, we prefer to pick up, drop off at our meeting point. Nevertheless, depending on your accommodation location, we can consider to pick you up and/or drop you off directly there


Meeting point
In front of the "museum of cosmonauts" main entrance
-> VDNH metro station
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