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Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

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| 2 hours


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Category: Shows & Concerts, Food & Nightlife
Duration: 2 hours
Dinner included
Visit: Faulty Towers the Dining Experience, Radisson Blu Edwardian 9-13 Bloomsbury Street The Torquay Suite Theatre, London WC1B 3QD England

2 hour show and 3 course meal

Duration: 2 hours

2-hour show
3-course lunch or dinner
Entry/Admission - Faulty Towers the Dining Experience
Hotel pickup and drop-off


Meeting point
Faulty Towers the Dining Experience, Radisson Blu Edwardian 9-13 Bloomsbury Street The Torquay Suite Theatre, London WC1B 3QD England


Dec 2019

For Faulty Towers and Monty Python fans, this is a must see show. It is very funny and sticks to the TV show quite well. The food is secondary, but good. Ask for more rolls...I dare you!

Aug 2019

Brilliantly done by three excellent actors who really knew their subjects.
A bravado finale by "Basil" to close. Well done everybody.

Jul 2019

A great experience, if you know the show you will love the dinner.. The actors are very similar to the originals and they the night touches base with most of the original episodes, involving much of the audience

Jul 2019

Excellent performance and nice food. Great impersonations and stayed very much to theme even impromptu interactions.
Food was a little boring, but nothing you cpuld complain anout. We Loved it

Apr 2018

Great show and a good evening .

Mar 2018

Hilarious! Great entertainment! Meal was good. Would highly recommend.

Feb 2018

Characters were excellent... stayed true to the show, and engaged the audience members. Food was quite good as well.

Apr 2018

My wife and I rounded off a long weekend break in London with a much anticipated visit to the 'Faulty Towers dining experience ' staged at the Bloomsbury Hotel. Delighted to say this did not disappoint with two hours of madcap antics and fun delivered by a very clever trio of professional actors in the guise of Basil and Sybil Faulty and the the hapless Spanish waiter, Manuel.
Together they did a great job of blending together and re-creating many sketches and scenarios from the iconic TV series - bringing hilarity to the proceedings and very skillfully picking on some of the attending diners to take part. Any fears that this could be overbearing or intrusive was immediately allayed because it was clear they knew, instinctively, who to 'pick on' without causing offence. And because this was staged in London with a very broad spread of overseas 'diners' in the room it brought even greater authenticity to 'Basil's' loony dialogue and manic behaviour. Full marks to the guy who played Manuel, because he really could have come from Barceloooona my wife was delighted when he crept up behind her to show her his hamster !!! And Sybil was as formidable as expected - a delightful battleaxe reigning over a room of slamming doors, flying bread rolls and chaotic service.
Our verdict: Great fun, lots of belly laughs and very professionally produced.
And two extra bonuses - the food was good and the other four guests on our table , who we only met on the night, were very nice, interesting company.
Our only disappointment is that photography was banned at the event and, at the start of proceedings it did say that a company photographer would be on hand to take and provide pictures to guests who wanted to buy them. This didn't happen and it's a shame because we would have liked to share the fun with friends - and heartily recommend the 'Faulty experience.'

Mar 2018

It was ok but by the end you've had enough! Food was pretty average.

Apr 2018

Fautly Towers was set in a Torquay Hotel where comedy events took place. This Experience took place in a depressing dark grey room used for corporate conferences with NO attempt made to add any ambiance to the scene. It was like attending a play with no scenery. Maybe a few Torquay posters and pictures, the odd plastic plant would have set the scene, how about some awful hotel canned music during the pre - amble - probably too much trouble!

We therefore sat down in this dreary room to be entertained by three look alike actors who, with the exception of Sybil seemed incapable of leaving the script and involving the audience a few attempts were made but highly scripted and never impromptu. Where Manuel standing on a table singing Via Espana fitted in is anyones guess!

The script was laboured and not the anticipated fast moving comedy we had expected.

The concept is fabulous but lets look at details and make this a proper Production. Very amateurish and not worth anything like the amount charged. I felt so disappointed, I also felt insulted by the don't care attitude of the production team, i.e. turn up, do it, go home!

The food was nicely cooked and well presented by the hotel staff

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