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Changing of the Guard Guided Walking Tour in London

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Duration: 90 minutes
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The tour begins in late morning at Piccadilly Circus where you will be given an overview of what to expect. Make your way down lower Regent Street to Waterloo Place, where you will be told a little bit about royal history and the general area of Pall Mall and St James. After hearing about the history of the Duke of York Column, you will be led along the Mall, stopping at various places along the way, possibly including the Royal Society, a statue of King George VI and Marlborough House.

Then, head over to St. James Palace, where we will await the arrival of the Old Guard on the courtyard. The inspection will take place, and the Guards will then depart. 

The next part of the tour involves marching in step with the Guards. Your guide will then take you to see the New Guard at Wellington Barracks. We will then finish the tour with a wonderful view of Buckingham Palace. Although this is the proposed itinerary, it is at the mercy of the British Army, British weather, and crowd size, so it is in its very nature a rather flexible tour.

Please note that as you march at the same pace as the guards at one point and encounter two flights of steps, you must have a reasonable level of fitness and be physically able in order to take this tour. Also, while you will see various stages of the Changing the Guard ceremony, you will not see the section within the courtyard of Buckingham Palace as the crowds are too large and also very little happens there.

From 2018 Sunday's tour will start at 9.15am to enable us to witness the Change of the Lifeguard ceremony as an extra bonus!
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Meeting point at Piccadilly Circus


Feb 2018

Our guide was amazing! Friends told us we could see the Changing of the Guard for free. I thought this tour was worth every penny!!

Oct 2017

We were so glad we booked this tour - the guide truly did get us to the very best vantage points to view this spectacular event. Without the guide, we would have missed so much, and just been swallowed up with all the other tourists who didn't get to see what we did. In a couple of sections of this tour, you do need to be able to walk very quickly, but generally the pace was quite comfortable.

Oct 2017

Well worth taking this tour - the guide does indeed get you to the very best vantage points to view this spectacular event - without the guide, we definitely would have missed most of the event and been swallowed up with all the other tourists who didn't get to see what we did. For sections of this tour, you must be able to walk quite quickly.

Oct 2017

I'm in London, so changing of the guard is required. I knew the crowds in front of the palace would be huge in June and I wanted something more than just standing behind a fence in front of the palace. So I chose this tour.

First off, thanks to Amber. She was an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable and friendly. There is so much more to the changing of the guard than what goes on in front of the palace. From the changing of the horse guards, the guards exiting St. James palace and the relief parading from their barrack. Amber was great in explaining what was happening and who the participants were. This is definitely a tour you want to do, especially if it your first time.

Couple of things. This is a fast paced tour once the ceremony starts. You have to go from one location to the other very rapidly. You will have to cross a couple of streets and once the guards start to approach, you won't be able to cross. Amber had excellent timing, but people who are mobility impaired or have strollers may have issues. Also, you will not be able to see what goes on in front of the palace. By the time you get there, the crowds will just be to thick.

Oct 2017

A fun walking tour with Jess, our very knowledgeable guide.The tour began at Piccadilly and finding the group and Jess was easy, as was getting there via the Tube. The tour covers a good bit of ground, but it is not strenuous at all. Jess knows his material well, is very engaging, and his tour management allowed us to be where we needed to be to easily see what we wanted. Jess kept us ahead of the crowds which was convenient and allowed him the time to explain what was or would be happening very useful and necessary. This tour is a must if you want to beat the crowds and actually see and understand all the intricacies of the changing of the guard. Highly recommended!

Sep 2017

Jessie was our tour guide. Well informed and knew his stuff. A good walk and you need to be able to move quickly to keep up at times. If you want to be part of the action of the Changing of Guards you need to move when he tells you. We had the opportunity to take many photos of the guards at various times. From St James Palace, Buckingham Palace and then at Clarence House to finish off the tour.
A great experience and well worth the money. Would recommend these guys.

Sep 2017

AWESOME tour! Danielle is the greatest! She showed up promptly at the designated meeting site. She was prepared, knowledgeable in her local history and we made several stops along the tour. She was professional, polite and super friendly. She knows the best spots to stand, she knew how to make the tour enjoyable. We had the best spots for pictures :- . Well done Danielle!!!

Jan 2018

Fast paced through a very dense crowd. Easy to lose the guide so stay aware! Something to do if you've seen the changing of the guard before.

Feb 2018

Many guys in red uniform marching under guard of armed policemen :

Nov 2017

this tour was ok, and maybe my expectations were too high in terms of what i expected. the big thing that i wanted to see that i didn't and wasn't included was being up close to buckingham palacce to see the the guards. What was included was watching the guards walk out of one palace and march to buckingham palace for roughly 30 seconds to get a photo and then move to a secondary area to see the guards as they leave buckingham. it was something i could easily have done on my own but likely better

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