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Top 10 Sightseeing Highlights in London

1. Tower of London

The historic fortress on the north bank of the Thames. It’s been through sieges, beheadings, power struggles and more – and still today houses the Crown Jewels. The beefeater guards are stern but friendly!

2. London Eye

One of the most popular attractions in London today, the London Eye is 134 meters high. The views over London are impressive and well worth a visit. Book well in advance!

3. Tate Modern

The modern art museum houses works of art from 1900 onwards, and is expected to become Londons premier museum attractions with new enlargements. Only major temporary exhibitions charge entrance fees.

4. Buckingham Palace

The London residence of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. The changing of the guard is a popular event that normally (weather permitting) takes place every other day.

5. Madame Tussauds

The popular wax museum has a range of offshoots around the world, but this is the original. Here’s a list of the wax figures you can expect to see.

Westminster Abbey

6. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the premier site for British royal weddings and coronations. Located close to the Palace of Westminster, it will surely be on your itinerary anyway, so why not pop in!

Soho London

7. Soho

Soho is part of the West End of London. It is a district well known for a focus on entertainment (in all forms, mind), and well worth a stroll, visit, show, dance, drink or anything else!

6. British Museum

With 8 millions works of art, this is one of the worlds largest museums. In fact, we would recommend seeing only parts of it in one day. The museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture. For a comprehensive list of London museums to visit, seeĀ Museuly.

9. Big Ben/Houses of Parliament

Big Ben is the name of the clock in the tower at the Palace of Westminster (seat of the parliament). From here, take a walk up via Whitehall and Downing street to Trafalgar square.

Piccadilly Circus

10. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is an iconic road junction in London (and our guess is one of the most popular selfie locations globally). The fashionable Regent street with shops and boutiques leads northwards to Oxford Circus.

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